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Together cultivating a sustainable future for Brazilian coffee farming.

The shared path towards increasingly responsible and sustainable agricultural production.





Who We Are

Connecting Brazilian coffee production to the world.

We are the Montesanto Tavares Group (GMT) and we operate across all stages of the coffee production chain, driven by our passion for this product and its culture. From coffee cultivation, where we value the Brazilian origins, to the distribution of our blends to various locations around the globe, we are present every step of the way.

We advocate for and promote Brazilian coffee producers, seeking to enhance their recognition for quality and adherence to good agricultural practices.

Through our commitment to supporting their continuous efforts towards sustainable production, we bridge the gap between buyers who share our values and aspirations across five continents. Together, we foster experiences, respect, quality, and consistency in the supply of coffees with a positive impact.



A Careful Look at the Coffee Supply Chain

We come from a group with strong roots in coffee farming, driven by a tradition of holistic approach and collaborative development. That's why we feel responsible for sharing our experience and knowledge in good agricultural practices with our coffee farming partners.


Regardless of the size of your farm, whether it's large, medium, or small, we aim to be the bridge between conscious management and the producers who drive the coffee industry. Together, we can find solutions for the sustainable use of natural resources and explore new ways to approach and conduct agricultural production. This commitment reflects in profitability, improved quality of life for workers in the field, and utmost respect for the environment.


We help farmers implement sustainable practices.


We certify sustainable coffee production.


We promote continuous improvement among producers.


Contributing to a more sustainable future.

How do we do it?

Our Field Technicians work closely with coffee farmers, helping them cultivate and harvest with environmental and social responsibility. We promote fair purchasing practices and strive to understand their realities, desires, and challenges, as we are also producers ourselves. We take pride in supporting family farming and promoting the valorization of coffee growers in our country.


This is the birth of GMT GREEN, an initiative by Grupo Montesanto Tavares that reflects our commitment to the development of increasingly responsible production, transmitting quality and responsibility through the origins of coffee cultivated in Brazilian fields.


Onward is our destination, sustainability is our path. 


Onward is a word that signifies moving forward, and it is the name we have given to our Sustainability Policy.


Our strategic planning is focused on the future: Onward. Just like a plant, growth and maturation take time. Likewise, giving our best requires self-analysis and a commitment to continuous improvement.

Recognizing and rewarding:

Discover the pillars of our strategy:

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Developing the supply chain

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Connecting production to consumption

Our objectives:

Our objective is to recognize and reward producers who invest in quality and sustainability and connect them with consumers who value their actions.

The GMT GREEN aims to support the transformation in the coffee sector by promoting continuous improvement in the processes of the producers connected to the GMT group. We assess their practices and identify opportunities for enhancement, enabling the individual evolution of each coffee grower.


We are committed to setting improvement goals, supporting them in their challenges, and ensuring that production evolves in the concepts of sustainability, much like a coffee bean: starting green and requiring attention, care, resources, and time to mature.


What do we aim to achieve with GMT GREEN?

  1. Enhance shared value in our production chain;

  2. Promote sustainability in the coffee sector;

  3. Improve the reputation of Brazilian coffee in the international market;

  4. Raise awareness of human rights, ensuring an ethical chain that respects the integrity of each worker;

  5. Promote agriculture that respects the environment;

  6. Share knowledge to develop our partner producers;

  7. Improve practices in the coffee production chain, making it more sustainable;

  8. Improve the remuneration for coffee producers, thus enhancing the quality of life in rural areas;

  9. Ensure the implementation of good practices that meet international standards;

  10. Ensure traceability of our coffees from origin to cup.


How do we do it?


Continuous improvement, for us, means being in motion towards the best we can do: for ourselves, for our business, and for the world.

The program was developed based on the continuous improvement process of the practices employed in coffee farms and was designed to be executed in six different stages, each with a specific objective, in order to ensure the verification, qualification, and evolution of participants at the established levels.

The first stage is necessary for the producer to join the program. This initial phase involves the effective presentation of the program following the established criteria and meeting the minimum requirements. It also includes the formalization of participation through the Commitment Agreement.

The program presentation only takes place for new participants. The remaining stages are ongoing, applied, analyzed, and evaluated annually to recognize progress in meeting the GMT GREEN criteria. The figure below illustrates the stages of the process.

0. Program Introduction

5. Performance and Plan Compliance Feedback

4. Harvest Audit

1. Qualification


2. Feedback on Findings and Action Plan Development


3. Monitoring of Action Plan Implementation


Improvement Recognized and Encouraged,
Crop after Crop

For the definition of each category in the program, 119 analysis criteria were identified regarding the practices employed in the participating properties. The full list of criteria used in this analysis can be found here.

With the aim of assisting producers on the path of sustainable production, we have created categories to segment the stage of the property based on the analysis criteria, and as the property evolves, the category will be upgraded on a progressive scale.


Check them out::

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Integridade empresarial

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da Cultura

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de Café

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These are the producers who meet the minimum requirements set forth in the program. They have the potential and will progress through the assistance of GMT and the established action plans.

These are the producers who have knowledge about good practices but, due to various factors, have not yet been able to implement them on their property.

These are the producers who have achieved a high level of maturity in the practices adopted in farm management and operations.

These are the producers who have achieved an exceptional level of maturity in sustainable farm management and serve as a reference and inspiration to others.

The objective of the program is for all coffee producers within the Group's supply network to achieve the Gold and Diamond categories. To accomplish this, the program has been developed based on the methodology of continuous improvement, where the implementation of actions determined in the action plans will enable properties to enhance their practices and progress in their categorization within GMT GREEN.



Verification that ensures the implementation of good agricultural practices

All participants of GMT GREEN undergo audits, which are carried out through a set of systematic, organized, and documented actions within a schedule for compliance verification and categorization of coffee producers who supply GMT.

To learn more about the audit process, access the Implementation Guide.


Who can participate

Coffee growers who believe in continuous improvement as a tool for coffee production aligned with all its surrounding elements.

If you are a coffee grower and are seeking sustainability in your production, GMT GREEN wants to join you and be part of a movement that aims to increase quality, care, and respect for the resources required for production.

To participate in the program, producers need to be pre-approved as GMT suppliers through the company's own mechanism for this purpose.


Get in touch with us!

To start our partnership, send us a message, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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